Photo of Larry Nichols
Dear Mr. President, Bill,

I know we have had a challenging and adversarial relationship, but I believe there is good within you and, as a result, I come before you asking for your help.

Mr. President, our economy and our country is on the verge of collapse. The issues facing us as an American people are bigger than me and you, and unless there is intervention we will lose a way of life that we ourselves took for granted in lives and our youth. Our children and children's children will never experience the freedoms held so dear that our forefathers and great leaders of the past were willing to sacrifice their own lives and families to achieve.

You may think that "inner circle" relationships will benefit and protect you and your family and, I am sure you can come up with many reasons and excuses to justify maintaining those, but within your heart you know there is no loyalty or allegiance. After eliminating and/or enslaving the citizens, they will seek to strategically plot to eliminate and/or enslave each other until there is only the one controlling it all.

We were young once and full of excitement and anticipation for what we could achieve. Now the years have past, our time in this life grows short, and now more than ever we must accept our own responsibility for the future.

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth.

I implore you Mr. President, help us restore our Democratic Republic and a revised States' Rights Initiative that places the power back in the hands of the people with only the most critical laws reserved for Federal jurisdiction.

Help us save our Country.

Larry Nichols